Real Estate Litigation

Litigation can become a financial drain for a company, and even more so for an individual. It can deplete corporate resources and impair a company's ability to achieve its growth objectives. For the individual, litigation can be also be emotionally distressing.

At the Law Office of James Kottaras, we help companies and individuals involved in commercial litigation assess their options and make decisions consistent with their goals. We represent companies in complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings across a broad range of commercial enterprises. We will aggressively defend or prosecute our clients' interests in matters such as breach of contract, collections, common law or statutory fraud and claims of tortious interference with a contract or business expectancy.

Our firm litigates all types of legal disputes arising from the purchase and sale of real estate. We represent the interests of both buyers and sellers, whether directed against the other party to the transaction or against a realtor or lender for false representations or improper disclosures. We zealously advocate our clients' interests to ensure their expectations of both the real estate deal and our own representation are met. Unlike many real estate firms, we can and will meet both your transactional and litigation needs.

The Law Office of James Kottaras is a real estate law firm with a comprehensive approach to dealing with all sorts of disputes or issues that may arise in the course of a transaction. Our many years of experience will provide you with the full spectrum of insights and practical solutions to efficiently deal with the many issues that can arise. When necessary, we will aggressively litigate any disputes or claims to protect our client’s interests . Our real estate experience makes us ideally suited to represent individual buyers and sellers as well. We will aggressively represent your interests in any dispute. Whether it's the terms of a purchase agreement or a breach of duty by a realtor or mortgage broker, we possess the experience and skill to advocate your position and achieve the best possible outcome.

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Client Reviews
Very knowledge and was a true expert when it came to handling the sale of real-estate. Prompt, easily accessible, and very much an expert in the field. Highly recommend to all those in the Chicagoland area. D.C.
James was involved in my first ever real estate purchase. He was very helpful in walking me through the several steps, and he was ready to accommodate my needs, including negotiating extensions and credits. I recommend James Kottaras without a doubt. A.G.S.
Jim was a pleasure to work with. He handled both the sale of my condo and the purchase of my house. He is extremely organized and very responsive. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family who need an attorney on the buy or sell side. J.S.
I hired James to assist me with a private sale of a condo and he was patient and helpful throughout the much more complicated than I expected negotiations. He was professional, patient, prompt and accessible. A.S.